1. RUC (Tax Registry Number): 20384361120.
  2. Registered in the National Administrative Registry for Foundations under Number 126.
  3. Registered in the Public Registry of Lima, Registry for the Constitution of Foundations, under Card Number 11015353, Entry Number As. 1-A, Registry for Companies, on 27 February, 1998.
  4. Registered in the Central Registry for Institutions Managing the Promotion of Children and Adolescents, under Number 140, (MIMP).
  5. Registered in the Registry for Private non-Profit Organizations Entitled to Receive Assistance or Educational Donations from abroad, Number 0025-98/PRES-SECTI of the Executive Secretary for International Technical Cooperation, of the Presidential Ministry .
  6. Registered in SUNAT as an Entity Entitled to Receive Donations under R.M. N° 540-2003-EF/15 dated 03/10/03 and authorized to issue receipts for donations received.