Santa Martha Foundation, was created with the sole purpose of serving needy children by giving them love, education, protection, and a strong moral and spiritual foundation
  We are dedicated to working with children who have been physically and emotionally abandoned and do not discriminate based on age or gender.
  The government assigns children to Santa Martha Foundation. Once under our care, they receive an education grounded in Christian values and sound moral principles.
  We strive to raise our children to be responsible citizens, capable of managing life as an adult once they leave our care.
  We strive to raise our children to live a healthy, dignified, and independent lifestyle.
  The children receive basic school education which is complemented by technical trades.
  We encourage our children to attend university or religious studies upon leaving our care.
  We strive to provide our children will all necessary tools to pursue their educational and occupational goals.
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Address: CPR Picapiedra, Parcela H6. Pachacamac - Lima. Perú. Phone: (511) 231-1323