Villa Martha is located in the village of Picapiedra in the Lima District of Peru. The campus is comprised of 2 buildings (an area of 5,589 m2 approximately), together housing our dormitories, kitchen and dining halls, bakery, offices, and recreational rooms. We maintain a large working farm that supports both livestock and vegetables, meeting nearly all of our food needs.

In addition, there is ample space for our children to run freely and play such games as soccer and volleyball. We also have an on-site chapel for Sunday worship.

Installations at Villa Martha:


FIRST FLOOR includes:
Kitchen with respective pantry/storeroom for food and other products.
Dining room
Two pavilions, each one with a minimum capacity for 18 bunk beds. Each one has an additional dressing/closet room and complete bathroom facilities.
Five large bedrooms, each one with it’s own bathroom and incorporated private closet. One of these is the Sacristy and the other has been assigned to the home's Technicians.
Central staircase leading to the second floor

SECOND FLOOR includes:
Two dormitories, each one with a minimum capacity for 19 bunk beds. Each pavilion has a large adjoined dressing/closet room and complete bathroom facilities.
Additional rooms for Technicians and Kitchen personnel.
A Dental /First Aid room
TV room/ games room.

THIRD FLOOR includes:

Two dormitories, each with a capacity for 18 bunk-beds, and adjoining closet spaces and bathrooms room
Nine classrooms, providing workspace for children, storage, and sewing and knitting classes.
Our roof is dedicated to our laundry needs, allowing our children to hang their clothes to dry after washing them by hand.

A large cistern; an elevated water tank and septic tanks for the Home’s water supply and sewage.
The Home’s farming area is so fertile that its production contributes significantly towards satisfying our children’s fruit and vegetable requirements. Surplus
perishables have been distributed to various parish diners, all this considering that we are not really all that proficient in farming and efforts have been focused mainly on the construction of the building.
An area used to breed small animals: pigs, fowl (ducks) and guinea pigs.
A recreational sports area made up of a football pitch, a multipurpose cement surface and gardens for children’s games.
A chapel for Sunday worship and spiritual guidance which is the backbone and central concern of this work.



This first floor include the following:

The first floor has a constructed area of 804.3 m2. distributed as follows:
Cake-making workshop: 64.5 M2,
Carpentry Workshop: 14 M2.
Autogenous and electric welding workshop: 87 M2.
Shoemaking /shoe repair workshop: 75.7 M2.
Bakery and Pastry making workshop: 12.75 x 6.75.
Art & Craft workshops: 14M2

This floor includes:

- Administrations office
- Accounting office
- Management
- Veterinary’s Office
- Storage rooms (2)
- 3 Dormitories inc. . dressing room and bathroom facilities
- Museum of Pre-Columbian History

This floor comprises a constructed area of 892.7 M2 distributed as follows:

- A Library
- IT room (not yet implemented)
- TV room
- 3 Dormitories inc. dressing room and bathroom facilities
- Psychological Services office


Total Area of Land
Approximately 3.8 hectares

Constructed Area
Approximately 5598.74 m2

72 children.
23 people working in different areas.

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Address: CPR Picapiedra, Parcela H6. Pachacamac - Lima. Perú. Phone: (511) 231-1323