THE PROJECT has an extension of 4 hectares (approximately 40,000 m2) where two buildings with a total area of 5,598.74 m2 were built. At the front of the first building is the beautiful picture of the Lord of Miracles, which welcomes the Children. The rest of the land is a green area that is dedicated to the production of fruits and vegetables, and also there is still a pig farm. All products are derived to the consumption of our children.

FIRST BUILDING: It has kitchen, dining room and six complete large dorms with dressing room, bedroom, showers and toilets. In addition, there are seven bedrooms for the technical team. It also has a visitor reception room, nine classrooms for school leveling and sewing workshop. On the second floor are the dentistry room and first aid room.

SECOND BUILDING: There are seven large dorms (with dressing rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms), offices, psychological attention room, bakery workshop, warehouses, auditorium, library, computer workshop, a pre-Columbian art museum, bathrooms and laundry area.

CHAPEL: It is dedicated to forging the spirit of our Children and Adolescents. The Sunday worship is the most important part: the backbone and the heart of our work.

RECREATIONAL AND SPORTS AREAS: It consists of a soccer field, a slab for games and recreation areas for boys and girls.