The Santa Martha Foundation, a nonprofit institution located in Lima, Peru (South America), provides hope of a new life to approximately 72 physically and emotionally abandoned children. Santa Martha was created with the sole purpose of serving needy children by giving them education, protection, love, and moral and spiritual formation. We aim to raise our children to be responsible adults, capable of meeting life's challenges upon they leave our care.

Drug Prevention Program
On August 22, 2013, we instituted a drug prevention program, called "I can decide." The program focuses on adolescents between 12 and 17 years old ...more
First Dance Contest
The first Dance Contest took place on November 28 in Santa Martha. The children and adolescents chose the music, the choreography and costumes. We ...more
Songs Contest
On August 16, we sponsored our first ever songs contest! Music and singing encourage the development of a child's intellectual, sensory, auditory, ...more



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Address: CPR Picapiedra, Parcela H6. Pachacamac - Lima. Perú. Phone: (511) 231-1323