our history

The conception of Villa Martha is a dream that germinated from the 70's in the mind and heart of a Peruvian family, which begins in late 1996 to be realized through the purchase of land, which would later serve to start the construction of the Charity. We can now say that this dream is a reality that gave shelter and protection, tenderness, love and education to over 700 children and adolescents.

The realization of this project was not easy. The road was long and thorny. They were very important in this way the advice and support of the Nazarene Sisters Co-Founders of this Charity, in my constant visits to the Lord of Miracles. Also in this way, I always found understanding and support from my sister Margot who lived like me all the experiences. I believe the Lord knows what you have in your heart and the forces that you have to reach your goal.

Today we talked about a finished work where 72 children find peace and life expectancy. In this dream now realized, many years have passed but always prevailed the desire to serve others by helping abandoned and neglected children.

This work is devoted entirely to them and for no reason in the present or future times, this goal cannot be changed. Children are moral owners of this institution which was formed non-profit with the goal of protecting and maintaining children (boys and girls) and adolescents who are morally or materially abandoned.

Where possible, children will self sustain on work in the field, on the farm and in the workshops, where they will learn to grow their own food and wear their own bodies and sanctify his soul without being child beggars.

My spirit grows in seeing the happiness that Villa Martha represents many children, today, tomorrow and always, with the indulgence of my Mother in Eternity.

I invite you to join our family. We look forward to working with you.


Roberto Cahuas
Founder, Santa Martha Foundation

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